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Editorial Team Jan 24, 2019 2:59:37 PM

“Frictionless” vendor onboarding and management, “transparent” vendor transactions and commissions, and effortless catalogue management are some of the glowing remarks Shopery Marketplaces received from software review platform FinancesOnline. In recognition of these achievements, we were awarded with the Premium Usability award for 2019.


Shopery Marketplaces, a SaaS marketplace solution aimed at help leading brands and ventures reach success in multi-vendor businesses, greatly values an industry award for exceptional interface design and exceptional usability. Ranking in FinancesOnline’s top list of shopping cart software solutions and scoring a perfect user satisfaction rating under their eCommerce software category, Shopery Marketplaces is found by the reviewers a painless way for users to manage multiple vendors, “allowing users to focus on the relevant milestones of the business.”


FinancesOnline also gave a big recommendation for our “simple and affordable” Shopery Marketplaces pricing options. Our platform takes into account the size of our marketplace projects, and the required service and technological requirements needed for operations.


Aside from analyzing the core elements of Shopery Marketplaces, the review team also analyzed our customer reception. For its positive reputation as a dependable solution for monetizing marketplaces, Shopery was recognized as a leading example in an article regarding shopping cart software definition. Furthermore, we were also distinguished as FinancesOnline’s Rising Star for 2019.


The rave review and awards motivate our team at Shopery Marketplaces to remain committed in providing all our clients this year with improved ways for simplified marketplace operations.


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